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We are a team of independent and enthusiastic software developers who love to build software solutions.

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Our addons

We currently have these addons on the Atlassian Marketplace, try them for free !

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Votes for Confluence Cloud

Votes for confluence allows your team to create polls and collect your users preferences.

With this add-on you can decide either what movie to watch or the next feature to build!.

Try for free here!

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Recognitions for Confluence Cloud

Recognitions for Confluence Cloud is an addon to recognize your team effort on Confluence.

You can set up your core values and start making people proud of their work!

Try for free here!

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Knowledge for Stride

Knowledge for Stride helps your team to build a wiki based on questions.

You can create your own categories and ask or answer questions related to them!

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Catify for Stride

Catify lets you to add cats' photos to your Stride conversations to made them more fun. Choose between random cats' photos or let the app choose for you !

Give some random cats fun to your Stride's room conversations

Try for free here!

Our Services

Whether you want powerful add-ons developed in Java for Server,
or flexible and scalable Node.js based add-ons for Cloud,
we offer custom add-ons development services for:

Power up your team's documentation with usefull add-ons developed just for you.

Take your development process to the next level by adding just what you need to Jira.

Improve the communication between your team members with add-ons for this messaging platform!

Are you looking for something else ?

We also do custom solutions to feed your needs
in a variety of languages, do not hesitate to contact us and ask!

Powerful web and desktop applications in C#

If your team works with Java, or you prefer it, we can build Spring applications too!

We build flexible and scalable applications with Node.js

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"Absolutely stellar development from this organization. They are responsive, well spoken and extremely competent. They have helped our organization multiple times and we are looking forward to a mutually beneficial long term relationship."

Jonathan McAllister

CEO of Exeter Studios LLC

Our identity

This is what makes us be what we are


We understand that our clients expect a high quality work on the right time. We are committed to fulfill the expectations!


We love what we do. Develop products or provide services is our passion and, when you do something with passion, awesome things happen.


As software developers, we always try to find the best way to do something. Creativity is a daily-use words for us ;)

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